Eastern long necked turtles are right at home in the creek that runs along Spirit’s Rest. You can often find them sunbaking in the day’s sun.

This Black Jezebel feeding on Bottlebrush nectar is one of the many butterfly species that are attracted to the native flowers around Spirit’s Rest.

An inquisitive Wallaby checks out the photographer while visiting Spirit’s Rest. Wallabies often visit at dusk, grazing until the last rays of sun disappear.

A tree goanna checks out the gardening situation.

Cheeky Kookaburras and vivid Lorikeets are regulars at the feeder and birdbath.

Frogs love our freshwater creek! The placid green tree frog is a favourite. The stony creek frog is one of the cutest to visit the creek.

This Lilly Pilly is bursting with berries that are ideal for gourmet bush tucker.

Fruit and nuts all grown at Spirit’s Rest – limes, pecans, macadamias, lemons, avocados and more.

A basket of goodness – all from the vege gardens!

Magnificent staghorn ferns adorn this accommodating tree.